Diksha National Teachers Platform

Diksha National Teachers Platform is launched by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, India with an aim of bringing digital services to the teacher community. With a multitude of benefits provided, the platform is a revolutionary measure that is set to positively impact and empower the teachers.

In the age of digital learning, teachers should have an easy access to required content resources and tools to aid them deliver better results. A common platform where the teacher community can create and share content became a necessity. To supplement the measures taken by different State governments in the country, MHRD and NCTE  came with a solution that targets the growth of teacher skill sets and capability to uplift the students. The Diksha digital platform is designed considering the complete life cycle of a teacher and to meet the needs, goals and capability requirements during the life cycle. It covers the stages starting a teachers enrollment to Teacher Education Institutes (TEI) till retirement.

The online platform is a boon to teachers in remote or rural areas who have limited access to training and resources. It brings together the capabilities of teachers across the country irrespective of the state or region. Many prestigious trusts, private & government organisations are contributing to the content available on the platform. The content partners list some of the organisations like Azim Premji Foundation, Akshara Foundation, British Council etc. See NTR Vidyonnathi Scheme 2024

Benefits of Diksha National Teachers Platform

Benefits of the platform are fall under 3 major categories at a high level with each of them having a specific list

  • Teaching resources – Use Diksha platform features to create In-class resources and material. Teacher can create & share content in the platform.
  • Teacher training courses – Teacher training content e.g. online courses. Authorized partners of DIKSHA will contribute content for aiding teachers in their professional development and building capacities in newer areas.
  • Assessments for teachers – Tools required to assess teachers
  • Promote collaboration – News and announcements


  • Training on learning outcomes
  • Teaching and Learning Content such as lesson plans, concept videos, worksheets, mapped to curriculum.  Resources available in varied formats such as lesson plans, videos, PDFs etc.
  • Training content contextualized in various Indian local languages
  • Ability to access the content or material offline on any device like smartphone or a tablet
  • Assessments for teachers
  • Courses for teachers to enable continuous learning
  • Promote school leardership development by enabling school principals, vice-principals and head of schools to improve their leadership skills
  • Teacher personalised dashboards for progress,  assessment and performance results.
  • Teacher profile created in the portal which helps access relevant personalised professional development training online and anywhere.
  • Student Teachers in TEIs and contractual Teachers will be able to take courses on the NTP to prepare for the TET and/or get certified
  • Teachers will be reputed by Badges and Certificates after training.
  • Promote innovation by enabling sharing of best practices amongst the teacher community and innovative organizations.
  • Online communities for collaboration, discussions, announcements, notifications and circulars
  • Open and Modular – Hosts Open Educations Resources (OER). Easy access to tools to create and consume learning content

Who can register

The Diksha National Teachers Platform could be used by teachers working in any stage of school education

  • Teachers working in pre-primary, primary, upper primary, secondary and senior secondary education institutions
  • All institutions, groups and individuals catering to any of the education levels.
  • Teachers from Government, private institutes and NGO’s  can register as members in the portal and utilise all the benefits

* * Please note that users who are not registered can use the guest services provided in the portal. There is a comprehensive help document detailing what you can browse as a guest on Diksha NTP

How to register

To sign up on DIKSHA individuals have to be part of an organization.Individuals not part of any organization cannot sign up on DIKSHA. Any organized, recognized education or learning body can add their members as registered users of the platform e.g. an organization, state, NGO, certification body or study centre can add their staff and users as Diksha National Teachers Platform users.

An Organization administrators can use their registered credentials and add individual users onto DIKSHA

To sign up on the platform,

  1. Send an email to content.ntp@centralsquarefoundation.org with a request for access as the subject line of the mail.
  2. The team will respond with an information checklist. The checklist includes information such as:
    • Unique and permanent:
      • Organization ID
      • Username for teacher
      • Teacher ID
    • Verified Email ID and mobile number of the teachers
  3. On providing the information requested for, the organization’s designated administrator will receive credentials such as User ID, password, Channel ID and Organization ID.
  4. The organization’s administrator can use the credentials received to sign in and add organization and organization member details.

For any further details use the Disksha portal at https://diksha.gov.in or email diksha-support@ncte-India.org.