Telangana Academy For Skills and Knowledge (TASK)

The IT Electronics & Communication department of Telangana government established the TASK organisation. There are lakhs of young graduates passing out of education institutions each year. The Telangana Academy For Skills And Knowledge (TASK) aims at improving the employability quotient of the graduates.

TASK acts as a collaboration platform for the government, students, colleges and industries. Its key focus is to enhance skilling, research and entrepreneurship among youth in Telangana. The goals of Employ-ability, Entrepreneurship and Higher education are planned to be achieved through improving the technical, personal and organisational skills of the Telanga youth. See Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scheme

Initiatives Of TASK program

For Students

  • Soft skills & technical skill development programs
  • Entrepreneurship programs
  • Programs to enhance organization skills
  • Programs to enhance product innovation thought and skills
  • Mentor talks and internship opportunities
  • Finishing school program for the unemployed youth in Telangana state
  • Channel to participate in placement drives
  • Career development workshops
  • Collaboration with prestigious education organizations across the country
  • Coordination of training programs with government departments
  • Elearning programs delivered through online Learning Management System.
  • Electronic System Design & Management scheme implementation

For Academia

  • Faculty skills development programs
  • Nurture product innovation among faculty
  • Subsidised rates for technical certifications

Register Online

For Students

* Registrations can be performed only when a notification is released by the government and registration process is initiated

  • Open the TASK online portal
  • Click Login/Register  in the main menu
  • How-To-Register-TASK
  • The login/registration page is displayed
  • Click Registrations in the menu and select Student Registration
  • student-registration-task
  • Enter the details and submit
  • An email verification link will be sent to the email entered. If not received in a few minutes, try entering the email again and resubmit. For any issues, email to or call 040-48488275
  • Select college name. If your college name isn’t listed, please select ‘Others’ from the menu and type the name in the text field provided
  • Enter the instituation code which assigned to the college by the university it is affiliated to and the university hall ticket number
  • Entering the parent or guardian details is not mandatory
  • Complete payment required
  • For any issues with registration, email or call 040-48488275

For Unemployed youth – Finishing school

  • Open the TASK online portal
  • Click Login/Register  in the main menu
  • Click Other Programs and select Finishing School Registration
  • TASK-finishing-school-registration
  • Enter email address and submit

There is no specific eligibility criteria and all the graduates and unemployed youth can apply for applicable programs implemented by Telangana Academy For Skills and Knowledge.